New Year's Message—2003


     A half century ago, come September 4, a new government was declared on planet Earth, the World Government (of World Citizens).[1] It was the fulfillment of an age-old prophecy for it was based on the sovereignty of God's laws, the oneness of humanity and the reality of one world.

     The locale was the City Hall of Ellsworth, Maine. A mere hundred people were in attendance. But the popular mandate was over 750,000 individuals in 50 countries who had already exercised their sovereign right to choose the status of world citizenship along with their lower levels of civic allegiances.[2]

     The member-states of the United Nations through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

—proclaimed by its General Assembly December 10, 1948—have also implicitly endorsed its founding provided by article 21(3): "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government."

     A further sanction of its creation came from one of humanity's latter-day sages, Nataraja Guru, the parampara disciple of the revered Shri Narayana Guru of Travancore, India.[3] The perenniel social contract of "one for all and all for one" politically identifying the new government is the key geo-dialectical formula raised to the global level.[4]

      Since that 50-year-old sovereign declaration, hundreds of thousands have registered their claim to world citizenship and been identified as such by the global government's administrative agency, the World Service Authority.[5]

     By claiming citizenship of the world, each and all are making peace with and between fellow humans beyond all artificial and institutionalized divisions.

     As of August 6, 1945, with the advent of the so-called Nuclear Age, the very survival of humanity became questionable.

    The only valid message at the outset of this new year relevant to humanity's survival therefore is the urgent reiteration of the World Government's sovereign existence and dynamic evolution.

     For, if war between nations is to be avoided—whose breeding-ground is anarchy[6]—the number of declared and registered World Citizens must be increased by millions.

     I myself have been, since May 25, 1948, both politically stateless and a declared world citizen.

     Statelessness is also the political condition of humanity.

     The documents following further detail this historic development.

     And to all registered World Citizens, you must ACT NOW in that capacity as representatives of humanity's and your own survival, security and happiness.

     The destiny of the human race along with our fellow species on Earth depends on each of us.


                                                            Yours for peace in one world,


                                                            Garry Davis







Humanity is one.

Its world is one.

Its spirit is one.

Yet the spectre of omnicide pervades its earthly existence,

Blaspheming wisdom, betraying common-sense,

            poisoning the heart.

The time has come for reason and good-will to flood

             the human geo-political world:

        - to reject false creeds and prophets;

        - to acknowledge humbly our historic debt to our

    forefathers and foremothers;

       - to keep faith with our children and unborn generations;

        - to sanctify our daily lives;

        - to enfranchise the will of each and all.

In heralding the birth of the world commonwealth,

In affirming our human destiny allied with the universe itself,

In proclaiming our citizenship of the world, and humanity legal,

That each and all be spoken for, enjoy renewed hope, faith

            and courage,

That humankind survives, prospers and prevails in harmony with

Nature on its home planet, Gaia,


In the name of the people of Earth, we here proclaim the founding of



                  September 4, 1953 — Ellsworth, Maine






                     WHY A WORLD GOVERNMENT

                           OF WORLD CITIZENS?


   On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a "common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations."

   Enshrined in that Declaration was the mandate for a world democratic order:


  "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures."


                                                              (Article 21,3)


    The most critically important issues of the 21st century are world citizenship and world law for they seek the rational and humane organization of world society.

   If humanity is to survive and prosper in a healthy environment, therefore, a human politics operating from the world level with a dynamic ethical base is vitally needed.

   The World Government of World Citizens thus provides the imperative political vehicle by which the individual's desire for freedom, peace and well-being can be democratically represented and implemented by the highest council halls of the world.

   The World Government of World Citizens is the one world government, the government of the unrepresented, the dispossessed, the downtrodden, the voiceless, the refugee and the stateless.

    It is also the human rights government, the true freedom government, the government of abundance and social good. It is the government of youth who are the future of our world and of the elderly whose wisdom, kindness and experience are vital assets to assure that future.

   It is the government of ethnic groups so persecuted throughout human history, no less today than in yesteryear.

   It is the government of humanity.

   Finally it is the government of Gaia, Mother Earth herself, our common nourisher and sustainer without which we have no being.





                             STATEMENT OF MANDATE


   The mandate of the WGWC is gounded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights plus ecological rights as outlined in the Stockholm Declaration as well as the rights of ethnic minority groups.

   The WGWC therefore will seek at all levels of political activity to sanction and enact legal guarantees and protection for the just and inalienable rights of each human and humankind.

   This in turn implies the legal recognition of and protection for the de facto as well as legitimate world citizenship enjoyed by every member of the human race by virtue of the physical reality of one interdependent world and one humankind.

   In brief, then, the activities of the WGWC  are:

   1) The creation of world constitutional law and appropriate governmental organs including a world legislature, a world executive, a world judiciary and a world police or guard force to guarantee and protect fundamental rights and freedoms.

   2) The realignment of local and national law to conform to world law applicable directly to the individual and/or ethnic groups.

   3) The recognition and representation of ethnic groups in order to guarantee and respect their ethnic-national personalities.

   4) The representation of the oceans, the atmosphere, the world's water supplies, its natural resources including the soil and forests against exploitation in the interest of the general and individual good.

   5. The representation of refugees and stateless persons.

   6) The endorsement of all activities, political, social, economic, educational which serve the above platform, including

       a. the mundialization of villages, towns, cities, universities, etc.

       b. the promotion of world universities;

       c. the endorsement of present organizations, associations, etc. based on the world citizen, world law or world government concept;

       d. the endorsement of present organizations, national or international having the betterment of the human condition in their purposes and goals.






1. In conformity with the principle of freedom of political choice and self-determination of peoples (inter alia), every man and woman has the right to declare him or herself a World Citizen and to be represented by World Government in the area of the general good and fundamental human rights; he/she has the right to obtain and utilize a World Service Authority passport representing the right of freedom of travel (art, 13(2), UDHR).

2. Every mother and father enjoys the right to declare their new-born a World Citizen in accordance with the legal principles of jus soli and jus sanguinis (art 1, UDHR) and a World Birth Certificate will be issued by the World Service Authority which document shall be considered a valid document of world civic status.

3. The right to work (art. 23, UDHR) as well as participation in the ownership of property, (art. 17, UDHR) i.e., the means of production, being fundamental to a just economic order,  the World Service Authority will issue to registered world citizens on demand a World Work Permit in conjunction with a global program for the democratization of capital.

4,. Consistent with human  needs and services, a single world currency based on renewable sources of energy issued by the appropriate organ of the World Government will govern eventually all transactions.

5. In accordance with the Nuremberg Principles (inter alia), citizens of all states have the right to deduct from their national income tax that portion of the national budget allocated to war-making and war preparation to be subsequently deposited in the World Government Treasury Acct., Riggs National Bank. (See Questions & Answers About World Government).

6, In accordance with art. 4, UDHR, the youth of all countries have the right to serve in the Sovereign Order of World Guards as a moral and legitimate option to national military service. (See Declaration of Satya Dharma).

7. All humans now in state prisons or detention camps for "crimes of omission" such as not having "proper" or "valid" identification papers, refusing to be inducted into national armies, or refusal to pay war taxes, etc, to be considered under the protection of the World Government, and to be identified as such by the World Service Authority and released forthwith.(Art. 9, UDHR). In the case of those seeking asylum from persecution, after registering as World Citizens, they may claim World Political Asylum - sanctioned by art. 14, UDHR - under the aegis of the World Government and receive a World Political Asylum Card issued by the World Service Authority.

8. All mundialized communities will be under the sovereign protection of world law represented by the World Government.

9. A World Court of Human Rights, mandated by arts 6, 7, 8, and 10, UDHR, shall adjudicate charges by  World Citizens of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by public authorities.

10. Crimes against humanity shall be broadened to include environmental crimes as defined by the World Environment Commission and the World Judicial Commission in accordance with the Stockholm Declaration of 1972


How to register as a World Citizen



A World Citizen is a human being who lives intellectually, morally and physically in the present. A World Citizen accepts the dynamic fact that the planetary human community is interdependent and whole, that humankind is essentially one. A World Citizen is a peaceful and peacemaking individual, both in daily life and contacts with others. As a global person, a World Citizen relates directly to humankind and to all fellow humans spontaneously, generously and openly. Mutual trust is basic to his/her lifestyle. Politically, a World Citizen accepts a sanctioning institution of representative government, expressing the general and individual sovereign will in order to establish and maintain a system of just and equitable world law with appropriate legislative, judiciary and enforcement bodies. A World Citizen brings about better understanding and protection of different cultures, ethnic groups and language communities by promoting the use of a neutral international language, such as Esperanto. A World Citizen makes this world a better place to live in harmoniously by studying and respecting the viewpoints of fellow citizens from anywhere in the world.



I, the undersigned, do hereby, willingly and consciously, declare myself to be a Citizen of the World. As a World Citizen, I affirm my planetary civic commitment to WORLD GOVERNMENT (of World Citizens), founded on three universal principles of One Absolute Value, One World, and One Humanity which constitute the basis of World Law. As a World Citizen I acknowledge the WORLD GOVERNMENT (of World Citizens) as having the right and duty to represent me in all that concerns the General Good of humankind and the Good of All. As a Citizen of World Government, I affirm my awareness of my inherent responsibilities and rights as a legitimate member of the total world community of all men, women, and children, and will endeavor to fulfill and practice these whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. As a Citizen of World Government, I recognize and reaffirm citizenship loyalties and responsibilities within the communal state, and/or national groupings consistent with the principles of unity above which constitute now my planetary civic commitment.


Signature of World Citizen and Date

Fill out below and sign Affirmation above and return with fee to:

World Service Authority * Suite 205 * 1012 14th Street, NW * Washington, D.C. 20005 * Tel: (202) 638-2662 * Fax: (202) 638-0638

World Service Authority * 8th District Office * #108 4-5-2 Numabukuro * Nakano-Ku * Tokyo 165, Japan * Tel: (81) (33) 319-5170 * Fax: (81) (33) 319-5127



Please type or print all information

FIRST NAME(S):_______________________________________

FAMILY NAME:________________________________________

GENDER: M_____ F _____

BIRTHDATE: DAY           MONTH           YEAR













Please include your US$30 world citizenship registration fee. Registration fee: US$30; Annual minimum contribution to World Government (Optional): US$30; Required Postage: US$5. TOTAL: US$65








                               World Service Authority Fact Sheet

 The World Service Authority (WSA) was founded in 1954 by Garry Davis, former WWII B-17 bomber pilot and stateless world citizen, following the declaration of World Government on September 4, 1953 from the City Hall of Ellsworth, Maine.

  This declaration followed the mandate of approximately 750,000 individuals throughout the world who registered with the International Registry of World Citizens that Davis founded in Paris on January 1, 1949.

  The WSA is a Washington, DC non-profit organization (not federal) which serves as the administrative and documentary agency of the World Government of World Citizens. The WSA has two main offices for the issuance of documents: Washington, DC and Tokyo, Japan. WSA's World Judicial Commission and Legal Department are located at its World Office in Washington.

  WSA receives 100,000+ requests per year for human rights assistance and for its global documents based on articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  It has issued more than 1.5 million documents to individuals throughout the world: World Birth Cards & Certificates, World Passports, World ID Cards, World Marriage Certificates, World Political Asylum Cards, International Exit Visas, International Resident Permits, World Press Cards (for professional media), and World Citizen Registration Cards and Certificates. (In preparation: World Health Card, World Work Permit and World Tourist & Business Visas)

Of these, more than 350,000 have been for the World Service Authority World Passport.

  WSA has issued more than 10,000 gratis World Passports to refugees residing in camps throughout the world. WSA has documentary evidence that the issuance of such passports may permit refugees to leave such camps to seek asylum elsewhere or to claim other rights often denied to refugees.

  For more than 25 years, the WSA has coordinated a World Refugee Fund to accept donations to cover the expenses of issuing gratis, neutral identification documents to refugees and stateless persons.  WSA passports have also been issued to individuals held in prisons arbitrarily for lack of identity documents. Often the fact that the individual so detained possesses a passport is sufficient to release him/her.

  Over 150 nations have recognized the WSA World Passport either de facto or de jure. (See Government Validation of the WSA Passport booklet).

  All income is derived from donations and service fees. The WSA has no advertising budget.

  WSA's Legal Department responds to violations of human rights by national officials. Operating for over 10 years, the World Law Internship Program provides law and graduate students from around the world with experience in implementing human rights law.  A World Citizen Legal Fund was created to accept donations to cover the costs of providing legal advocacy, amicus curiae briefs, and letter writing campaigns to individuals throughout the world.  The WSA is developing a global network of lawyers who will provide pro bon advocacy to individuals suffering from human rights violations and who will formulate novel approaches to seeking redress in local courts against national government violators of universal human rights laws.

  The WSA's Human Rights Court Project has drafted a Statute for a World Court of Human Rights that would provide standing to individuals throughout the world to file suit against national governments for violating their human rights.  The statute has been submitted to jurists, international lawyers, legal practitioners and educators for comment and approval.  The WSA seeks funding to promote and implement the Court.

  The WSA has recently added two internship programs: Public Relations & Outreach and Organizational Administration.

  The WSA supervises the programs: World Syntegrity® Project and Mondialization. The former, based on cybernetics, is a general system method for evolving a grassroots world constitution and for empowering world citizens as global decision-makers; the latter is a community method of claiming a global civic status, allying one's school, town, state, region or other local community with humanity and the earth as a whole.

  The WSA sponsors the Human Rights Awareness Project, providing thousands of copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in multiple languages to individuals, schools, churches, businesses, NGOs, other educational institutions, peace and human rights organizations, and inter-governmental offices around the world.

  WSA's World Citizen Referendum at offers an on-line voting opportunity for individuals to express their opinions on global issues that affect us wherever we are on the planet. WSA's World Citizen Forum through Yahoo Groups at offers an online meeting place for individuals to discuss human rights, world citizenship, world law and world government.

  WSA's World Peace Guards, still in the development stages, is a project for people expressing an interest in volunteering for a non-violent world peace protection force.

  WSA's World Birth Card Project intends to provide documentation to children around the world who, because of the lack of birth registration procedures, cannot prove their local civic status and thus cannot obtain life-sustaining inoculations nor attend elementary schoolin violation of their rights to adequate health care and to education.  WSA is currently working on a pilot program for populations in Asia.

  The World Service Authority and World Government website is located at and the website of the organization's newsletter is located at Founder's website is located at

  World Service Authority, 1012 14 Street NW, Washington, DC 20005; Dt. Office: #108 4-5-2 Numabukuro, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165, Japan. Tel: 202-638-2662 Fax: 202-638-0638 Internet:

  Copyright copy; World Service Authority 2001. All Rights Reserved.

  World Service Authority and the human-embracing-the-globe logo are service marks or registered service marks of the World Service Authority throughout the world.



Who Was and Is for World Government?


Given the growing controversy over the concept of world government,  World Citizen News:,  considered it timely and desirable not to say judicious to list prominent individuals, past and present, who either in their writings or speeches have advocated a world government to oversee human affairs in its community. We welcome additions of credibility from readers.

Adams, Jane

Adler, Mortimer

Anderson, John


Barbevik, Percy

Barr, Stringfellow

Bergé, Pierre

Beveridge, Lord

Bevin, Ernest

Boult, Sir Adrian

Bourdet, Claude

Borgese, Elizabeth Mann

Bowles, Chester

Boyd-Orr, Lord

Breton, Andre

Bruntland, Gro Harlem

Camus, Albert

Caldicott, Helen

Chanh, Nguyen Huu

Chisholm, Brock

Clark Grenville

Clark, Joseph

Chardin, Teilhard de

Churchill, Winston


Cousins, Norman

Cousteau, Jean-Jacques

Cranston, Alan

Cronkite, Walter

Culbertson, Ely


Denis de Rougement

D'Estaing, Giscard

Douglas, William

Dunham, Katherine

Einstein, Albert


Fadiman, Clifton

Fairbanks, Douglas Jr

Falk, Richard.

Finletter, Thomas

Frankel, Charles

Franklin, Benjamin

Galbraith, John Kenneth

Gandhi, Mahatma

Gide, Andre

Gravel, Mike


Hammerstein, Oscar

Havel, Vaclav

Heater, Derek

Hutchins, Robert

Kant, Immanuel

La Roque, Adm. Gene

Lloyd, Lola Maverick

Mann. Thomas

Marceau, Marcel

Menuhin, Lord

Monet, Jean


Morita, Akio

Mowrer, Edgar A.

Mumford, Lewis

Muller, Robert

Nataraja Guru

Nehru, Jawarhalel

Newman, Paul

Nitya Chaitanya Yati

Northrup, F.S.C.

Oppenheimer, Robert

Paine, Tom


Reagan, Ronald

Reuther, Walter

Reves, Emery

Roberts, Owen

Roosevelt, Franklin D. Jr

Rotblat, Joseph

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques.

Russell, Bertrand

Sakharov, Andrei

Schuman, Robert

Schweitzer, Albert

Schwimmer, Rosika


Sohn, Louis

Stassen, Harold

Steinbeck, John

Stewart, Patrick

Talbott, Strobe

Tennyson, Lord

Thirring, Hans

Toynbee, Arnold

Usborne, Henry

Ustinov, Peter

Van Doren, Carl

Wald, George

Warburg, James

Washington, George

Wells, H.G.

White, E.B.

Woodward, Joanne




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