Flash Mob Interrupts UN!

A Broadway actor leapt over a barricade to the front of the United Nations Assembly and interrupted the proceedings with a call for the delegates to create a parliament of, by and for the people of Earth.

"If you can't do it, step aside and a Peoples World Assembly will arise from our ranks to do it," shouted actor Garry Davis, a war veteran and former bomber pilot.

UN security forces grabbed Davis, but as they tussled with him, war-hero Robert Sarrazac leapt up on the opposite balcony and shouted in French: "In the name of the people of the world not represented here, I interrupt!"

One after another, other protesters continued Davis's speech: "The nations you represent divide us and lead us to the brink of total war."

As the interruptions continued, many delegates were shocked -- but a large number applauded.

The UN President banged his gavel for order and officially adjourned the session, but the protesters continued holding the floor for a full hour -- as many delegates listened or even joined in the debate.

The protesters had entered the hall as individuals, each with their own credentials, scattered among the balcony audience. On Mr. Davis's signal they began one by one to spring into action.

In a clip released to the press one of the protesters, Pierre Berge, said the interruption was planned and executed by "very famous writers such as John Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Andre Breton, Simone de Beauvoir, Raymond Queneau, and many many others" including Andre Gide and L'Abbe Pierre, founder of the Emmaus movement which helps homeless people and refugees.

Berge called the disruption "a political comedy" and said it was designed to give people hope for a better way to run our world. "We have to dream, because the only way to catch the reality is to dream."

The surprising thing about this event is that it occurred (continued)...

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