1.Unity In Diversity Global-Style Garry Davis
2.The Contract With Humanity Garry Davis
3.The Language is Out of Synch Garry Davis
4.The Human Race vis--vis
Garry Davis
5.How the "Political Space Age" Started Garry Davis
6.Human Rights and World Territory Garry Davis
7.Who Owns Space? Garry Davis
8.Women's One World Marcia Mason
9.Beyond the New World Order:
A Post-Nationalist Perspective
Greg Guma
10.Criminal Justice on a Global Scale Bruce Broomhall
11.The New Patriotism William Safire
12.A Common Demoninator Garry Davis
12.Does Bush Speak for Humanity? Garry Davis
13.Moving Toward a Police State Michael Ratner
14.Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction John Steinbach
15.Talk given at Lucknow, India Conference Garry Davis
16.Born Guilty Garry Davis
17.Peace Activists Garry Davis

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