Statement of
Garry Davis
World Coordinator
World Government of World Citizens

September 11, 2001

The lesson of today's terrorist attack on the United States is glaringly self-evident. Like the viper, faced with a ring of fire, stings itself to death, the nation-state is being devoured by its own violent venom. Commentators and politicians, as I write, are declaring that "war" is being "waged" on the US. But they blindly or willfully fail to identify the real "enemy."
It is the national war system itself, which condones and perpetuates a condition of world anarchy from which "terrorism" derives and increasingly thrives.
Moreover the vulnerability of the anachronistic nation-state itself is being dramatically demonstrated by the carnage wrought by only three highjacked planes on the two principal symbols of America's dominance in the world: the Pentagon and the twin World Trade Towers. National chaos results not to mention the human casualties in and near those buildings.
United States so-called security experts from the army , the CIA, the FBI, as well as the various police services have thus been exposed as totally incapable of protecting either the people or the institutions from attacks from unknown sources. The reason is crystal-clear. The global system itself is based on institutionalized violence despite the na´ve claim of "open societies." The impotence is further demonstrated by the evacuations of all personnel from government buildings in Washington, grounding all air traffic throughout the country, all postal services-ABC-TV announced 10 minutes ago that the Burlington main postoffice is closed until further notice-and generally responding by shutting down the peoples service institutions.
In short, the national government is proving itself incapable of governing, that is, representing the welfare of its citizens..
From the end of World War II, this writer, who participated in that war as a B-17 bomber pilot, has been an active exponent of world government. Agreeing with Einstein's prophetic statement that "With all my heart, I believe that the world's present system of sovereign nations can only lead to barbarism, war and inhumanity, and that only world law can assure progress towards a civilized peaceful community." I claimed a civic status, that alone could address the anarchic condition perpetuated by the nation-state system, that of world citizenship. Millions followed suit.
This status alone reaffirms and reactivates the sovereignty of the individual human as well as that of humanity.
Today therefore is a day of historic reckoning for Americans, of agonizingly difficult understanding and hopefully awakening to the reality of one world and one humanity..
No longer can the American people alone know security in their homes, cities or nation. Their government has been exposed as vulnerable to "alien" forces and purposes. The question each citizen must now answer therefore is clear:
Given the world community of humans, given the technology, which can effectively eliminate the human race from the face of the planet, what level of social and political order is vitally necessary to protect the inalienable human rights of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"?
Indeed each and every human being must personally address that question. Our human survival depends on the simple if perenniel answer.
That is the bottom line of the tragic yet inevitable events of this historic day.