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September 3, 2001

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World Government is forty-eight!

WASHINGTON, DC: While national delegates at Durban, South Africa rankle over words like "racism," "apartheid," "Zionism," and "genocide," the World Government of World Citizens, declared September 4, 1953 from the City Hall of Ellsworth, Maine by former B-17 bomber pilot and stateless World Citizen Garry Davis, continues daily to register individuals worldwide as World Citizens and issue them World Passports, World ID Cards, World Birth Certificates, World Political Asylum Cards, World Marriage Certificates, International Exit Visas and International Residence Permits, all sanctioned by articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights .
"The language at the UN Conference of Racism in Durban," said Davis from his office at World Government House in South Burlington, VT, "is totally out of synch with the reality of one world and one humanity. With nuclear war hanging over our collective heads and the earth's environment being devastated daily, good-willed individuals in Durban are still debating in 18th century terms while living in the 21st century when time and distance have imploded to create the 'global village' we all inhabit. Nationalism itself is the most deadly form of racism. The system of exclusive nations is obviously not only obsolete but deadly to humanity and each human, and yet no one in Durban is talking about world citizenship as the overarching right and duty of each and every human."
Based on article 21(3) of the UDHR* , following the public response to world citizenship in 1948 where over 750,000 individuals registered at the International Registry of World Citizens Davis founded in Paris, the World Government of World Citizens, operates from offices in Washington, DC and Tokyo, Japan. Its main web sites: and are reaching millions of citizens who have recognized that just world law is the primary element of a peaceful world community. The World Service Authority, the government's administrative agency, is promoting the First World Referendum** and the World Syntegrity Project,*** a system science method of evolving a peoples' world constitution.
"The last century endured over 250 wars," Davis concluded, "including two world wars, with more dead than in all previous wars of the past two thousand years. Today, at the dawn of the Space Age, if the human race is to survive, we must put wisdom to work in the political realm. World Government is the vital concomitant to world peace just as local, regional and state government is the prerequisite of civic peace on those levels."

*"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government."