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July 20, 2002 David Gallup

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World Citizen Garry Davis to address 46th Meeting of the International Society of Systems Sciences in Shanghai, Aug. 5

Will question whether system science alone is sufficient for human survival

WASHINGTON, DC— The world's leading system scientists are gathering at the Shanghai International Convention Center from August 2nd to 6th to discuss how systemic thinking can help understand and cope with the world's growing complexity. The meeting is organized and sponsored by the School of Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. A cursory look at the myriad subjects to be addressed by these savants augurs for challenging and incisively instructive guidelines not only for national politicians of all persuasions beset with humanity's critical problems in this century but particularly for the average and concerned citizen of the world.

Davis is no stranger to systemic thinking as a tool for evolving world law and citizenship. His association with Stafford Beer, former president of the World Organisation of General Systems and Cybernetics, resulted in the World Syntegrity® Project, a grassroots protocol based on Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome, that permits maximum creativity in problem-solving.

The World Syntegrity Project consists of mini "World Parliaments" called "syntegrations" that address the seminal question "How can we, sovereign World Citizens, govern our world." The resulting statements are then downloaded onto the world government's web site.

"System science has been mainly co-opted by the nation-state system to advance the military and even nuclear option, " said Davis from his office at World Government House in South Burlington, VT. "This is a blatant contradition of its essentially holistic character. Given the present threat of nuclear annihilation of humanity itself by divisive national policies, system scientists must ally themselves with humanity's survival through world law and citizenship. This, to me, is the real purpose of this timely Shanghai conference."

Davis heads the World Government of World Citizens, founded in 1953, an outgrowth of the world citizenship movement which began in 1948 in Paris during a United Nations' General Assembly meeting. The global government operates under the mandate of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a UN document declared December 10, 1948 by the General Assembly from Paris, France.

With its main offices in Washington, D.C. under the corporate name, World Service Authority, the global government issues its own passport, birth certificates, ID's, marriage certificates and other human rights documents including "World (Kilowatt) Dollars" based on electrical energy.

Davis will visit the WSA's Tokyo office following the Shanghai conference.