VALID FILE Global Roundup

A Conundrum for Legal Experts

Can a human commit a "crime against humanity"? First of all, does humanity even exist legally? If not, then "it" cannot be brought into court even theoretically. Second, a human, by definition being a part of humanity, would be also commiting a crime against himself or herself. Third, since humanity becomes the "plaintiff" in such an action, the accused would be automatically guilty since obviously humanity needs no defense. In other words, the accused could not argue self-defense or he/she wasn't "present" at the crime scene or whatever. Even "ignorance of the law" wouldn't wash simply because there is no law governing such a crime, the Nuremberg Principles to the contrary notwithstanding. Even "pointing" a nuclear gun at humanity which today nine national leaders are doing, is not illegal worse luck. "Omnicide" has not been outlawed by a democratically-elected world parliament. Even the International Court of Justice, in its advisory opinion as to the legitimacy of nuclear weaponry, left the door open for nations to use the weaponry in case of national destruction. In short, it's OK to kill alegal humanity in order to leave the legal nations intact.

A visionary politician points the way

German Chancellor Willi Brandt once called a press conference. When all were gathered he said he had an important announcement to make. Pads and pencils went on alert. "I am announcing my candidature for european parliament," he said. The bewildered journalists looked at one another. Finally, the boldest raised his hand. "But Mr. Chancellor, there is no european parliament." The chancellor looked at him coldly. "Don't you think I know that?" he barked. "That's precisely why I'm offering my candidacy. How do we get to a European Parliament without parliamentarians elected by the people? Therefore responsible politicians must first declare their intentions to serve a constituency on that higher level otherwise the people would have no one to vote for."

Are there any candidates for a world parliament? Many visionaries have published world agendas for aeons. World constitutions abound. Instantaneous world communications are already in place available to one and all. World problems are cited in every media ad nauseum. Even the Universal Declaration of Human Rights mandates a global election by "the will of the people." (Article 21 [3]). But who has announced his/her willingness to serve the global constituency in a bona fide world parliament? Ah, there's the rub! Any volunteers willing to risk ridicule, skepticism and maybe an honored place in human history?

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