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September 26, 2002 David Gallup

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World Coordinator Davis Appoints Prime Minister of the Government of Free Vietnam, World Citizen Nguyen Huu Chanh, Coordinator of the

World Commission for Stateless Persons

They plan a world tour to promote world citizenship for stateless Vietnamese

WASHINGTON, DC–Following a two week visit in September with Prime Minister Nguyen Huu Chanh at the "capital" of the Government of Free Vietnam in "Little Saigon" at Garden Grove, California, World Coordinator Garry Davis, after accepting an honorary position as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Committee of the government in exile of displaced Vietnamese, appointed Mr. Chanh Coordinator of the World Commission for Stateless Persons.

Already a registered citizen of the World Government of World Citizens, the elected Prime Minister, a dedicated and literate spokesperson for the millions of displaced Vietnamese throughout the world, accepted the position as Coordinator of a World Commission of the 49-year-old world citizen government.

"As a stateless person myself," said Davis from World Government House in South Burlington, VT, "I fully understand and appreciate the dilemma faced by stateless persons throughout the world who, usually through no fault of their own, are deprived of the benefits and services of citizenship. Moreover, we are often persecuted by national officials and forced underground merely to survive. The Vietnamese who fled their country in 1975 are linked to multimillions of overseas Chinese, separatist Russians, millions of Hungarians, Romanians, Turks, Catalonians, Basques and Kurds, Palestinians, Eritreans and Tamils, Ebos, Zulus and Tibetans. The list is long. But all are fundamentally world citizens in the 'global village' of the 21st century as are all national citizens as well. Mr. Chanh, both a native Vietnamese, the elected leader of a displaced people spread throughout the world and a registered World Citizen, fully aware of his dual responsibilties to his indigenous people as to his humanity, is, like us, an unwilling victim of the anarchic state of the nationalistic world as well as a dynamic exponent of human rights, democracy and freedom for the people of the entire world community."

During his stay, accompanied by film producer Arthur Kanegis, Davis was invited to address the displaced Vietnamese audience via Radio Free Vietnam at the government's "Little Saigon" center.

The newly-appointed Coordinator of a World Commission will visit the World Service Authority's main office in Washington, DC on September 30 to confer with WSA's president, David Gallup on the issuance of World Passports to displaced Vietnamese after which he and Davis will embark on an educational world tour to visit groups of Vietnamese abroad to promote the one world ideology as a positive program for human rights, democracy and freedom.

Sponsored by the WGWC and supported by the Government of Free Vietnam, a first "World Parliament election" has been scheduled for January 12th at the Long Beach Convention Center originally proposed by Davis on November 22nd, 1948 at a UN General Assembly session in Paris.