VALID FILE World Citizen Garry Davis to address galaxy of Supreme Court judges December 8 on World Government human rights court

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December 2, 2002 Garry Davis or David Gallup

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World Citizen Garry Davis to attend 3rd world law conference December 6-8. sponsored by the City Montessori School of Lucknow, India,

Galaxy of national Supreme Court judges to debate creation of a world parliament

WASHINGTON—A "safe future" for the world's 2 billion children is the subject of the 3rd conference of national supreme court judges and assorted jurists convened by the City Montessori School of Lucknow, India, the largest high school in the world, December 6th to 8th.

The theme of the Conference, "Enforceable International Law is the need of the hour" will be addressd by a prominent list of high court judges from many nations invited specifically by the school's founder/manager Shri Jagdish Gandhi, to discuss the creation of a "world parliament" to enact laws outlawing world war. (See list appended).

After viewing the World Government website, Mr. Gandhi sent an invitation to its founder, Garry Davis, the former WWII B-17 bomber pilot turned-World Citizen to attend the conference as a "Special Guest," He, accepting, forwarded a draft of the statute for a "World Court of Human Rights."

"The students at the Montessori school," said Mr. Davis (81) at his World Government House office in South Burlington, VT, "are far ahead of most of the world's adult population in their absolute commitment to world peace through law. Insisting on a world parliament as the appropriate legal instrument for the enactment of world law is both timely and necessary. In appealing to the judges of the world, however, who are constitutionally bound by the restrictions of their separate nations, most of which condone war as a final option, the students, who already claim to be 'future world citizens,' are clearly aware of their own right of political choice as sanctioned by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In short, the people of the world, already sovereign both as individuals and part of humanity, alone can delegate that sovereignty to announced world citizen candidates for a world parliament as sanctioned by article 21(3) of the same Declaration."

In May, 1948, Davis, a former Broadway actor, renounced his exclusive allegiance to the United States claiming the status of "citizen of the world." In a statement from Paris, he asserted that "In the absence of an international government our world, politically, is now a naked anarchy….I no longer find it compatible with my inner convictions to contribute to this anarchy, and thus be a party to the inevitable annihilation of our civilization. I must extend the little sovereignty I possess, as a member of the world community, to the whole community, and to the international vacuum of its government."

The world citizenshp movement followed culminating in Davis' declaration of the World Government of World Citizens on September 4, 1953 which was subsequently endorsed by the sage, Nataraja Guru of Travancore in his "Memorandum on World Government."

Shri Gandhi, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi and a Baha'i, said today that the world "was placed on the brink of disaster and standing on a pile of nuclear weapons which could explode at any moment." Maintaining that there was no international law that could be enforced throughout the world and no world parliament that could save the future of the billions of children by providing them a safe environment and a peaceful world, he urged that "necessary action must be taken at once."

The linkage of the conference's theme with the Indian government was Article 51 of its Constitution which provides that "it shall endeavor to…( c ) foster respect for international law.."