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October 29, 2002 Garry Davis or David Gallup

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World Citizen Garry Davis flies to Cambodia to establish World Passport office for stateless persons

WASHINGTON, DC–Former World War II B-17 bomber pilot Garry Davis and founder of the World Government of World Citizens in 1953, flies to Cambodia today to open a WSA World Passport office for the tens of thousands of stateless persons in that and surrounding countries.

Since the adoption of the new Cambodian Constitution by its Constitutional Assembly on September 31, 1993, the issue of protection of human rights figures prominently throughout the new legal codes. The Preamble sanctions the restoring of "Cambodia into an 'Island of Peace' based on a multi-party liberal democratic regime guaranteeing human rights and the respect of law…" Defining "The Rights and Obligations of Khmer Citizens" in Article 31, the constitution mandates that "The Kingdom of Cambodia shall recognize and respect human rights as stipulated in the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the covenants and conventions related to human rights, women's and children's rights."

"In the name of the world citizen constituency, I am especially happy to visit this ancient land with its glorious history," said World Citizen Davis from the WSA office in Washington. "We have been aware of the growing issue of statelessness in that part of the world for many years and have been registering individuals as World Citizens and issuing them the WSA World Passport based on article 13(2) of the UDHR."

The claim to world citizenship itself is based on the human rights of political choice, says Davis, which is sanctioned by article 15(2) of the same human rights declaration.

In his opening remarks to the Conference on the International Criminal Court on October 9, Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen, expressed "the sympathy and support for Cambodia expressed by the believers in justice…who established the International Court for the benefit of all citizens of the world."

Davis will be giving a talk on world citizenship at the Intercontinental Hotel during his stay.