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December 14, 2002

Dear World Friend.

I have just returned from Lucknow, India where, in a remarkable conference at the City Montessori School – largest high school in the world!–dedicated to the concept of world law by means of a "world parliament" to outlaw war, I was privileged to share the dias with over 50 Supreme Court justices!

I enclose my talk and several news stories from The Times of India and Hindustan Times, two of India's leading journals. Similar stories appeared in other languages in local newspapers.

Each judge was given our draft statute of the WORLD COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS for comment and approval. Also I distributed the application forms for registration of citizenship to our government and the major documents–the World Passport, World Birth Certificate and World ID Card. You will note that the final para. of my talk was an invitation for them to subscribe to the WGWC as a concrete act of commitment to the principle of world peace through law. As the students already claim to be "world citizens," they were also eager to receive the forms.

For more information about this historic meeting, the unique school itself and a list of the Supreme Court judges attending, please check its web site at Teaching children in school of the intrinsic oneness of the world and their rightful citizenship in it is, to my mind, an example of the absolute relevance of education in our 21st century.

As we approach 2003, given the worldwide explosion of information via satellites and the internet, the popular mind is not-so-slowly coming to realize almost intuitively if not yet politically that survival itself depends on evolving global political institutions to deal with OUR major problems such as war and the protection of the environment. At 81, I intend in the coming years to concentrate on the myriad legal tools already available defining war crimes, crimes against humanity and environmental crimes.

The children of CMS, in the name of the 2 billion children of the world, are absolutely justified in demanding from us adults the right to grow up in peace, security, and happiness, not contrarily to be saddled with a legacy of 36,000 nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert ready to deciminate the planet and all on it.

As we value our own life, each one of us must answer to them NOW before it is too late.

I've enclosed also a form for your contribution to World Government House, our educational and publishing agency for the WGWC. Please help us move our projects with all possible speed.

With warm one world greetings,


Garry Davis