VALID FILE 16 August, 2002

(Editor's note: Robert Muller will be presented with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's "2002 World Citizenship Award" at the Foundation's annual Evening for Peace on Thursday, October 24th, at the Dubletree Resort, Santa Barbara.)


16 August, 2002

Dearest Garry,

I found your wonderful book (Dear World, A Global Odyssey) here in Santa Barbara, coming from demilitarized, heavenly Costa Rica. Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful life. Seeing you at the Kehler Brüche (Kehl Bridge) after World War II is one single image which has been with me all of my life. And your dream came true: the border has disappeared there as it has in my home town of Sarreguemines, between 15 European countries. We are trying to make Robert Shuman a Saint.

I even propose that the U.N. move to Strasbourg and become, with the European Union, the World Union.

The picture on your book, its cover, is so beautiful, so moving. I will have it always near my sight. And so many thanks for your endorsement on my paper on "Urgent World Government." It is so beautiful, so moving.

You should be at the heads of state meeting in Johannisberg.

You should be erected a statue of Global Citizen.

How I love you. It is all I can say.

Yours ever,

Robert Muller