Peter Meisen
GENI-Global Energy Network Institute
World Trade Center at San Diego
1250 Sixth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
Mailing: PO Box 81565
Tel: 619-595-0139
Fax: 619-595-0403

Dear Garry,

Last month, you heard that U.S. President Bush embraced the idea of a national energy grid across the United States. Now there are two major engineering firms that are proposing to build the missing links in the existing network. This moves our initiative from the realm of concept to engineering design by global firms.

They speak about many of the same benefits that GENI espouses: You'll also read how these companies want to develop mine-mouth coal generation as the fuel. This is where we differ greatly. While South Dakota and Wyoming are the source of the largest U.S. coal reserves; they are also home to some of the most consistent winds in North America. The question becomes, why not develop the renewable resource that has minimal environmental impact first?

It's important to remember, the transmission grid moves electricity regardless of the source. With this in mind, I hope you'll read our recent editorial entitles "The National Energy Strategy is half right." And if you agree, please forward this to the editor of your favorite newspaper or magazine.

Garry, never before has there been so much awareness about how energy impacts our daily lives. While many of the policy-makers rightfully call this a crisis, we see tremendous opportunity in creating a shift in direction to a more connected, sustainable path. Thank you again for your support, as it makes these results possible.

In partnership for the planet,
Peter Meisen

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Peter Meisen
Email to Thu, Aug 2, 2001

You have been a warrior for peace your entire life -- and it's great to see so many young people today who identify with our planet more than any one nation.

Nationalize creates division, which has led to conflicts over the ages. The world wide web, the global energy grid, and world citizenship are all tools to elevate awareness and global participation in a world that can provide for all our needs in a sustainable manner.

Congratulations on a terrific new site. Our recent revision caused a tenfold jump in visitors ( and I wish you the same.

Peter Meisen
Global Energy Network Institute (GENI)

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23 July, 1999

My name is Nagd Eldin. I'm from Sudan. Now I live in Israel with my Israeli wife. I got a work permit and a visa to stay twice on my WSA passport because my Sudanese passport was expired by then.
I'm very happy with this passport. I send you the photocopy of the stamps in my passport. Thank you.

Nagd Eldin

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African World Foundation for Human Development
P.O. Box GP 2362
Accra, Ghana
July 18, 2001


The African World Foundation for human Development and the Africa Refugees co-ordinating Council, wishes to make this appeal for WORLD PASSPORTS assistance on behalf of displaced refugees to enable them (to) become settled/travel accordingly. We are forced to make this appeal due to the serious deteriorating security situation which prevails in camps hosting tens of thousands of Sierra Leonean refugees in Liberia and Ghana as well as Liberian refugees in Budumbran and camp in the central region of Ghana.
The world is conscious of the escalating brutal war in our country … which has devastated the bulk of our country' population, particularly women and children. This unavoidable fact has been continuously echoed to the international community through the various Non Governmental organizations (NGO's) operating in this part of the continent.
Having been forced to abandon our homes only to find ourselves in refugee camps in neighboring countries, the merchant of death has once again turned his gauntlet on us trying to force us to train and go to fight for rebels in the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of Foday Sankoh or be killed. In the process the various camps hosting the Sierra Leonean refugees are being invaded at night time to forcefully conscript young men and women to go to the war front. Many refugees have been killed, amputated and young girls raped mercilessly.
The situation has further been worsened by the recent outbreak of war between Liberian descendant rebels based in neighboring Guinea and the government of Liberia, Lofa County, which is the host of the refugees, now the battleground. Our camps have been burnt down, our sisters raped and often war crimes on the increase every-passing hour. Not a day and at least nine refugees victims.
In case of any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above address.
Hoping for your co-operation and kindness.
Yours faithfully,
Rev. Michael Kodjo

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Perak, Malaysia
March 20, 2001
Dear Sir,

With due respect, please let me introduce you to myself. I am an indigenous Rakhine (Arakan) national and bonafide citizen of Burma (Myanmar). Due to my strong belief in Democracy and the structure of Federation in Burma, I fled to Thailand since 1992 and entered in Malaysia 1997.
I am also a member of Arakan League for Democracy (ALD)(in exile) in Malaysia and actively participated in political affair of ALD. Therefore I cannot go back to Burma until a democracy government is established over there as per the mandate of Burmese people. I shall be imprisoned, tortured and even may be killed by Burmese Security Force for trying to dislodge the military government.
On the basis of available information, I am forced to take refuge in Malaysia. Although I have an identity card as ALD membership, I was arrested twice by the police of Malaysia on 15.02,2000 and 25.04.2000 and was sent back to Thailand on 08.05,2000.
At the moment, I am running and hiding not to be arrested because concerned officials in Malaysia frequently arrest unofficial foreign laborers. I live in Malaysia without full dignity, human rights and freedom. Moreover I face other problems and difficulties everyday.
On humanitarian ground, I humbly hope your kindness, sympathy and you will allow me to apply for World Passport. I am looking forward to receiving the application form for World Passport from you.
(Name withheld for security reasons)

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NM. Kruchten, Germany

Dear Sir,
I hereby writing this to express my profound gratitude toward the support accorded me by World Service Authority.
In fact, having received the Amicus Brief from WSA I felt I am a human being and relieved, I have been living like one without assistance and hope. Now WSA has raised my hope. What a drastical change in my life. Words could not be enough to express my thanks. I just have to dedicate this million of thanks to entire members of WSA for their cares and support.
My special greetings, thanks and regards go to these special people, The president, Mr. David Gallup, Mr. Fabrice Pierre and Mr. Jerry Weaver. My lawyer also commends them of their support s and ready for any area he could contribute to the organization.
Likewise, I pledge to contribute every effort to support WSA.
Sylvester Holus

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Narellan, Australia
April 12, 2001


It has been brought to my attention that the World Govt. of World Citizens provides an attractive range of Passports, Ids and associated services. Could you please forward a comprehensive information package to the above address without delay as I am eager to take advantage of new opportunities.
Your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated.
D, Nixon

(Editor's Note: Application forms for all WSA documents can be downloaded on the WSA web site: Credit card payments for issuing fees are accepted online).

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Los Angeles, CA

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you of the various times and places where my WSA documents came to good use for me. It meant at those times either I was accepted or refused and the WSA documents did the trick.
The first incident in the Bank of America on August of 1999. I opened an account with my WSA id card/passport. I had no problem. If any body wants I can show them proof.
The second incident on November, 1999. I was hospitalized at the Olive View Medical Center. Again I showed my documents and was accepted as a patient and given full treatment, where only US citizens are treated. Let it be known at this time I had no ss number or state ID card. I always carry my WSA documents on me as a secondary identification. On several occasions I have been helped by my WSA documents:
  1. To open a personal mailbox in the post office
  2. To use is as ID to receive 2 checks at the bank with no problem
  3. To use it as an ID for renting an apartment for a friend again no problem
I would like to point out that a man cannot receive everything at once.
I would like to thank WSA for all this help/benefits which I received from holding your ID identification papers during hard times.
Thanking you
John Creet

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21 October 1999

Dear Mr. Gallup,
I wanted to take a moment to drop you a note to let you know that I enjoyed our conversation yesterday. Furthermore, please find my enclosed application for the international exit visa…As you can well notice I have used this passport several times. To date, it has 10 stamps on it. I am complying with your request to scan these to be included in the visa book that is due to be issued in the coming few months.
I have found the acceptance of the WSA passport quite common here in this Caribbean. You might be able to tell other passport holders that there may be come acceptance of the document.
Please send my passport back to me here is Aruba by FedEx, as regular mail takes about 30 days
Thanks and regards,
O.S. "Trey" Wyatt, III

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23 October, 2000

Dear Mr. President David Gallup,

Thank you for your paperwork. I send it now back to you. If it is possible, I will become a Member or a leader of the Sovereign Order of World Guards.
You have an district office in Europe? If not, I offer to you that we can make it in Lindau/Bavaria.
Look at the map of Europe; Lindau is a central point and near to Swiss, Austria, Italy, France, in 7 hours to Benelux countries, in 10 hours in Spain, Scandinavia, England, Danemark, and East Europe, and on the ferry-boat to Greece.
We need sometimes passports for refugees.
With best greeting from Old Europe,
The honorable, Sir, his grace,
The Duke of Danzig
Col. Dr. Juerrgen Kolwe,
Laird of Ioans O'Groats
Lord Prior-Austria O. St.A

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Soest, The Netherlands
15 August, 2000

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Kurdish from North Iraq. I worked in Iraq as a lecturer in university for about 12 years. I had a lot of problems with Iraqi government therefore I left Iraq with my family in 1998 to the Netherlands hoping to find a safe and secure place. But unfortunately and due to the current Dutch tough policy against Iraqi asylum seekers, the Dutch government has decided to send me back to Iraq after continuous rejection of my application.
I am in real need for help to save my life and the future of my children; therefore I ask your kind and help. I will be grateful if you offer it to me.
Will you send me please the necessary informations and application forms?
I await your reaction.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards to you, Yours truly
(Name withheld for security reasons)

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Dar-esSalaam, Tanzania
12th December, 2000
Dear Sir,


In accordance with above heading, I would wish to submit my application to your highly respected office for the above-mentioned reference. I am a man 30 years old, a Christian by religion and by nationality Rwandese Asylum seeker in Dar-es-Salaam. I escaped into this country this year after been put in prison in Rwanda by the current government. Even here in this present country, my security is not up to date. I wherever I go, I am followed.
Could I know from your office, if I would be given to send the above mention document quickly so that I decide where to go because currently I do not possess any valid document which could take me into another state or nation. If you are in need of more information, I refer you to the Refugee Officer Caritas, Tanzania.
Would you be kind enough to put my application under your highest favorable considerations.
Yours sincerely,
(Name withheld for security reasons)

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International Association of Educators for World Peace
Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China

April 10, 2001

Dear President,
I'm your old friend, World Citizen in China, Dr. Dihun TAO. The first period of my World Citizen passport signed by you in June 1993 2001 will end in June of this year. I'll mail you my World Citizen passport later on and please prolong the time of its use. So please tell me what the cost of the prolong process is.
Additionally, if permitted, please tell me the latest cost that applies for our World Citizen passport and other certificates. You are appreciated if you will enclose me the three latest forms of our World Citizen with such latest cost so that I can recommend some famous in China to become our World Citizen, and make our contribution to our World Government.
Once more, thank you.
With best wishes,
National Chancellor in China
International association of Educators

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Athens, Greece

Respected Sir,
I am Md. Shameem Charkar born in Bangladesh. I am here not in Greece stateless. I heard from one of my Srilankan friend about your association.
After hearing about your association I am interested to become a citizen.
So please kindly, send me a set of application to get WSA Passport, identity card, citizen card, international Exit visa, International Resident Permit, Birth Certificate.
Please kindly help me to get the application as soon as possible.
Thanking you, Yours faithfully,
Md. Shameem Sharkar

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To whom it may concern:
I am an Afghan citizen. I left Afghanistan five years ago. Due to home fights between Afghan troops. In 1996, I and my family immigrate to Pakistan. After three years stay in Pakistan again I and my family immigrate to Iran. In Iran the government do not accept more immigrants. So we have not any documents.
I am doctor and I live with my family. My family consists of five persons. Now I apply for a (WSA) passport to respectful office of (WSA).
Please I and my family need your assistance.
Respectfully Yours,
Dr. F. H. Jawad

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