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The World Service Authority (WSA) was founded in 1954 by Garry Davis, former WWII B-17 bomber pilot and stateless world citizen, following the declaration of World Government on September 4, 1953 from the City Hall of Ellsworth, Maine.

This declaration followed the mandate of approximately 750,000 individuals throughout the world who registered with the International Registry of World Citizens that Davis founded in Paris on January 1, 1949.

The WSA is a Washington, DC non-profit organization (not federal) which serves as the administrative and documentary agency of the World Government of World Citizens. The WSA'd main office for the issuance of documents: Washington, DC. WSA’s World Judicial Commission and Legal Department are located at its World Office in Washington, DC.

  1. WSA receives 100,000+ requests per year for human rights assistance and for its global documents based on articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
  2. It has issued more than 5 million documents to individuals throughout the world:
  3. World Birth Cards & Certificates, World Passports, World ID Cards, World Marriage Certificates, World Political Asylum Cards, International Exit Visas, International Resident Permits, World Press Cards (for professional media), and World Citizen Registration Cards and Certificates. (In preparation: World Health Card, World Work Permit and World Tourist & Business Visas).

  4. Of these, more than 750,000 have been for the World Service Authority World Passport.
  5. WSA has issued more than 10,000 gratis World Passports to refugees residing in camps throughout the world. WSA has documentary evidence that the issuance of such passports may permit refugees to leave such camps to seek asylum elsewhere or to claim other rights often denied to refugees. For more than 40 years, the WSA has coordinated a World Refugee FundSM to accept donations to cover the expenses of issuing gratis, neutral identification documents to refugees and stateless persons. WSA passports have also been issued to individuals held in prisons arbitrarily for lack of identity documents. Often the fact that the individual so detained possesses a passport is sufficient to release him/her.
  6. Over 185 nations have recognized the WSA World Passport either de facto or de jure. (See Government Validation of the WSA Passport booklet).
  7. All income is derived from donations and service fees. The WSA has no advertising budget.
  8. WSA’s Legal Department responds to violations of human rights by national officials. Operating for over 25 years, the World Law Internship Program provides law and graduate students from around the world with experience in implementing human rights law. A World Citizen Legal FundSM was created to accept donations to cover the costs of providing legal advocacy, amicus curiae briefs, and letter writing campaigns to individuals throughout the world. The WSA is developing a global network of lawyers who will provide pro bono advocacy to individuals suffering from human rights violations and who will formulate novel approaches to seeking redress in local courts against national government violators of universal human rights laws.
  9. The WSA’s Human Rights Court Project has drafted a Statute for a World Court of Human Rights that would provide standing to individuals throughout the world to file suit against national governments for violating their human rights. The statute has been submitted to jurists, international lawyers, legal practitioners and educators for comment and approval. The WSA seeks funding to promote and implement the Court.
  10. The WSA has recently added two internship programs: Public Relations & Outreach and Organizational Administration.
  11. The WSA supervises the programs: World Syntegrity® Project and Mondialization. The former, based on cybernetics, is a general system method for evolving a grassroots world constitution and for empowering world citizens as global decision-makers; the latter is a community method of claiming a global civic status, allying one’s school, town, state, region or other local community with humanity and the earth as a whole.
  12. The WSA sponsors the Human Rights Awareness Project, providing thousands of copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in multiple languages to individuals, schools, churches, businesses, NGOs, other educational institutions, peace and human rights organizations, and inter-governmental offices around the world.
  13. WSA’s World Citizen ReferendumSM at offers an on-line voting opportunity for individuals to express their opinions on global issues that affect us wherever we are on the planet. WSA’s World Citizen ForumSM through Yahoo Groups at offers an online meeting place for individuals to discuss human rights, world citizenship, world law and world government.
  14. WSA’s World Peace Guards, still in the development stages, is a project for people expressing an interest in volunteering for a non-violent world peace protection force.
  15. WSA’s World Birth Card Project intends to provide documentation to children around the world who, because of the lack of birth registration procedures, cannot prove their local civic status and thus cannot obtain life-sustaining inoculations nor attend elementary school—in violation of their rights to adequate health care and to education. WSA is currently working on a pilot program for populations in Asia.
  16. The World Service Authority and World Government website is located at and the website of the organization’s newsletter is located at The Founder’s website is located at


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