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"World Government One"

In a solemn ceremony on May 25, "World Citizen Day," 1998, a single engine plane was christened "World Government One," by "Wing Commander" Garry Davis. former B-17 bomber pilot in WWII and World Coordinator of the World Government of World Citizens.

The Navion Rangemaster, circa 1963, with a 6 cylinder 260 hp Continental engine, retractable gear and controllable prop, "World Government One" seats 4 with a cruising air speed of approximately 130 knots. Its range is about 1,000 miles (without a head wind) on 80 gallons of aviation gasoline. Manufactured by North American, built like a tank, it is the civilian version of the AT-6, a famous military trainer. While rigorously maintained yearly, in airplane annals it is designated as an "antique."

The original cost of the Navion Rangemaster, acquired in 1993 by the World Government of World Citizens, was $33,000, paid entirely by World Citizens of the Pacific Rim. It is stationed at the Burlington, VT International Airport.

"World Government One" contains no missiles, bombs, machine guns, in fact, no armament of any kind. Its windshield, however, is shatterproof. Possessing no armament gives "World Government One" a powerful psychological edge over any would-be opponents as well as earning the compassion of fellow pilots who might be ordered by ground commands to destroy it or shoo it away. Flying between two opposing forces is risky at best but as "World Government One" is painted white and would display the World Government flag-besides informing the media before takeoff of its peace mission-it would have a good chance to prevent further carnage if only by offering to sacrifice itself to the opposing gangs. With most nations possessing military planes armed to the teeth, the very existence of a world peoples' Air Force as a tangible symbol of world peace can have a tremendous psychological advantage. Also no nation or terrorist group would consider a one-plane unarmed Air Force a major threat or even a minor one. This is important when flying on a peace mission over allegedly hostile territory.

Many other advantages accrue to an air force consisting of only one plane. The public and the media can easily identify with one plane rather than ten thousand. Then it makes a wholesome and unassuming public image. Children especially will like it as it will seem toylike. While certain people may scoff at "World Government One's" obvious physical frailty, the very fact that it exists at all will give rise to people pride, moral fortitude and maybe even a win-win option based on familiar non-violent principles. People will think, at last, a legitimate use for an air force.
Airplanes are now used for many missions of mercy such as rescuing people trapped on mountain slopes, delivering food, and for other worthy causes such as transporting accident victims to hospitals, etc.. For missions, besides getting in the way of opposing fighters, "World Government One" could drop peace brochures, copies of the Universal Human Rights Declaration. It would also be a powerful yet innocent traveling adver-tisement for an atmosphere free of war belonging to all the citizens of the world and not to any particular nation. In short, it would symbolize world peace through law rather than violent opposing forces.

As to maintenance, one plane is easier to keep in the air than, say, five thousand, or even two. Also, as this plane requires no engineer, navigator, radio man, gunner, bombardier or flight attendant, it has the advantage of minimum personnel. It can even fly without a co-pilot though on a long mission of say, 5 hours, two pilots are recommended if only to keep each other company.

As for personnel, at present the World Government Air Force consists of one certified instrument-rated pilot, Davis, the "Wing Commander" (though there is no wing and no one to command as yet). The WGAF will be recruiting, however, not only private pilots throughout the world-preferably with their own planes-but also seeking moral and financial support from civilians who would like to be associated with this important new peace activity--registered World Citizens especially-as well as peace activists. Also there are the millions of former M*A*S*H fans who still yearn to express realistically their distaste and rejection of war. Members of religions also commited to peaceful manifestations of the divinity are likely supporters. Finally there are the veterans of past wars of all nations, not only WWII, Vietnam and Korea, but especially Panama and Grenada, who surely long to be part of a real peace operation.

To cover costs of maintenance, tiedown and flying expenses, World Air Force "shares" will be issued by the World Government of World Citizens. (Click Here to see a sample share certificate.) They will have no actual market value per se, but will indicate tangible support for the WGAF and "World Government One." A single "share" will cost $10 but multiples of ten can be purchased. Each "share" will display a picture of "World Government One" and will be in the name of the purchaser. Non-denominational "shares," however, may also be purchased as holiday gifts for children, family members and friends. Buyers of 10 "shares" ($100) will be eligible for a 20 minute flight in "World Government One" when and if available at their local General Aviation airport.
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Donations are also gratefully accepted in any coinage. Checks or money orders are made payable to the World Government Treasury Account, WGAF and mailed to

c/o World Service Authority,
5 Thomas Circle NW
Washington, DC 20005.

"World peace through world law is our business."